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Find out a little bit about me...

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Holly at 24 year old photographer and bit of a nosey parker. My work has always revolved around identity; as it's something I've always been interested in and something I've always loved to exploring. Afterall, we're all so different, and what does really define us?


I've always aspired to create a positive and expressive world around me, and photography has always helped me to do that. It gives me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people which means I get to be apart of different peoples stories and explore the stories they have, and want to me to create in photographs. 

My story is pretty simple. At the age of 16 I could either do my A-Levels, which were drab and boring. Or I could find something completely different, so along with my parents I went to my local college and saw photography was an actual career.. so I did the leap of faith and decided to do it! 7 years later I'm here, having completed 2 years at college, achieving a first class honours in Commercial Photography and an MA in photography making my way into the industry and art world. 

Connections make us who we are 

According to science we meet on average 80,000 people within our life times. These include anyone from the people you briefly know from your corner shop to the ones you keep most dear to you. All of these connections are important to you and your life, they shape you to be who you are and most importantly they keep you the person you are. 

A lot of people will say it's incredibly hard to ever be able to understand the relationship you have with your loved ones, as we all have people in our lives that we couldn't live without and often we never even have photographs with them. But family events, weddings or group sessions are when it's important to capture the love you have for each other. By being so fortunate to have a incredible support system surrounding me growing up it's shown me how important people are to us and they really do make the world go around. And this is why it's so important to celebrate the love we have for each other in all different forms because it's part of our identities and our being. 


I can honestly say the pleasure of being able to photograph so many different people, and expand my connections since doing photography has really changed the way I look at the world. I cant wait to hear about your story, your connections and create a story of you. 






The way I photograph and my style 

So, the serious part. Each photographer is an artist, which of course means that we're all different; we all photograph different, we all edit different, and we all do different packages. And you need to find the photographer best suited to you. I would classify my photography as a story which is told through natural and beautiful photographs. 

So, if you cant tell already, I'm very open and generally laid back especially when it comes to photographing. As who really wants a tense photographer or an awkward smile? I know my awkward smile is something of nightmares. So, by blending into the background and working with you I can always get the most authentic, beautiful photographs. With a mix off direction and having a chat and a bit of fun we can achieve some amazing photographs that will capture you, your family or your event forever. 

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