• Holly Cole

Abandoned Derby

Last Sunday I decided to spend my hours exercise walking around Derby and appreciating the places, buildings and areas that are normally full of people. Although I found lots of spaces like the park and town quiet, the main roads were the most interesting, roads that I've only seen empty at night were empty during the day. The busiest roads in which I have driven down thousands of times, in rush our, when it's quiet, no matter what time I'd probably have to wait in traffic. But now, theres no traffic and very few cars.

Please take a look at the photographs and share them... Lets enjoy the peace of the city whilst it lasts, and please remember to #Stayhome and we will be out of this crisis sooner rather than later! It's not worth putting other people at risk, stay inside (apart for your hour exercise slot and for essentials) the less people this virus affects the better.

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