• Holly Cole

Who am I?

This is me on the right with my fantastic mum!

Hello! I'm Holly, a 23 year old part time freelance photographer. Last year (2018) I graduated from Derby University with an MA in photography rounding off my 7 years of studying photography which was the best choice I ever made.

8 years ago I decided that A-Levels weren't for me, at least the A-levels at school, weren't for me. So I took the leap and I decided to do something completely different which was photography. After an amazing 2 years studying and a big push from my lecturer, family and friends I took the plunge and went to university. This is where my true love for photography really developed and lead me to where I am today. To cut a long story short I found that my favourite type of photography was a version of portrait photography which I've later worked out is called 'Storytelling photography' in my own style and specialising in portraits.

After graduating my undergraduate degree I decided that I wanted to further my skill in photography and explore my work further so I decided to do a full-time masters and explore identity further as it's always something I've loved to explore. This lead to many different projects that evolved into my first major project 'Authentic Costumes' which is all about how unconsciously we construct an identity of a subject in a single image; we start to judge that person, stereotype them and not fully understand that persons true identity. So, using my commercial background mixed with artistic influences I have created a unique way of displaying my work as to offer a window into the subject’s life and lifestyle so we can all fully understand the subject being portrayed to us. I intend to open the viewers eyes, to let them explore and discover the hidden world around them and to breakdown the judgement and stereotyping that we all make every day about each other.

These photographs can be found on my website, and a few on them are shown below: https://www.hollycolephotography.com/authentic-costumes

Throughout my world and my life I love to explore; whether it be the world, music or people. Over the last few years I've learnt more than ever how important people are within our lives, and how they can influence so many different aspects of what you do, what you seen and how you behave. Luckily I have such an amazing support system around me which means I'm lucky enough to explore life with lots of different people.

Something really important to me is music; it's actually all I wanted to photograph when I was younger. Music is a big part of my life and I believe it's apart of a lot of people lives because it's a big way of how people express themselves. And having worked at a festival, and doing live music now it's an amazing experience and amazing work to be apart of.

This is just a short welcome to my life! It's not the most interesting life but it's definitely keeping me on my toes! Hopefully it helps you see a bit more about me and what I'm about.

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